• There are nearly 400 forms of dwarfism.
  • Typical height range for individuals with dwarfism is 2'8" to 4’8”.
  • Over 80% of individuals with dwarfism have average-height parents, siblings, and children.
  • Individuals with dwarfism are immersed into every profession, including doctors, lawyers, engineers, mechanics, artists and teachers. 
  • Acceptable terminology includes little person, LP, an individual with dwarfism, a short-statured person, or simply using the person's name. The word 'midget' is an antiquated term that is now considered rude and offensive. 


  • DO treat a little person as you would ANY other individual, with the same kindness and respect. 
  • DO treat individuals with dwarfism according to their age and abilities.
  • DO be respectful of ANY individual’s space, privacy and independence. 
  • DO talk to your children about differences in stature and abilities. Address the curious questions in the moment. 

"Society has tended to look at dwarfism as a disease, when it should be viewed as an example of diversity. We will address whatever medical problems that come up, but these are not children who are broken and need to be cured. They have the same needs and capacities as every other child. They just happen to be short"

- Dr. Michael Goldberg , Seattle Children's Hospital