What We Do In LPA

Mentoring Programs

Partnering new families with LP mentors to help provide guidance through the new and exciting world of dwarfism. Connecting LP adults with LP teens and youth to partner in developing strength in character, self-esteem and outlook.

Support System

Providing opportunities for the Little People community of Puget Sound to come together in group settings. This creates a setting where children, teens, adults, seniors and families can spend time celebrating the commonality of dwarfism, supporting each other, and sharing valuable information and resources.   

Assist members with problem solving and provide practical strategies for addressing issues concerning education, clothing, mobility devices, home adaptations and modifications, school adaptations, adaptive products and tools, recreational/exercise equipment options, and bullying. 

Conferences and Workshops

Local, Regional and National conferences that offer insightful workshops, medical clinics, social interaction, mentoring opportunities and access to the latest support opportunities for the LP community.