The word “midget” is considered a derogatory slur. The dwarfism community has voiced that they prefer to be referred to as dwarfs, little people, people of short stature or having dwarfism, or simply, and most preferably, by their given name.



  • Little people can do almost anything an average height person can do.  Little people are doctors, engineers, mechanics, artists and teachers - they may just need a well-placed stool.­
  • Over 80% of people with dwarfism have average-height parents, siblings, and children.
  • There are over 200 types of dwarfism.
  • People with dwarfism are generally 2' 8" tall to 4' 5" tall. 


DO treat people with dwarfism according to their age and ability, not their height. 

DO talk to your children and teens about differences, inclusion and acceptance. Enlighten them on how people with any kind of difference creates beautiful diversity in our community

DO sit down, bend down or step back when you talk to a little person so that we can look at you directly.  Is is never polite to "pet" or "pat" a person with dwarfism on the head.

DO remember that people with dwarfism are not spectacles for entertainment.  Unauthorized photos are video taping is an invasion of privacy. Pointing, laughing or staring is uncomfortable for anyone regardless of their stature.

DO hire little people with dwarfism.  Make sure your company understands that little people work just as hard as others - if not harder.  All we might need is a well-placed stool and we are ready to go!  We have amazing personalities and are often caught smiling in our sleep.