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DO treat people with dwarfism according to their age and ability, not their height.  Little people are attorneys, teachers, engineers and doctors.  It is pretty embarrassing when an adult is treated like a child.  And teens shouldn't tease other teens with dwarfism.

DO sit down, bend down or step back when you talk to a little person so that we can look at you directly.  Is is never polite to "pet" or "pat" a person with dwarfism on the head.

DO donate to
Little People of America to help support and spread the word!

DO remember that people with dwarfism are not spectacles for entertainment.  It is not healthy to encourage the entertainment industry's stereotype of little people.  Yes, there are people with dwarfism who encourage this stereotype, but people with dwarfism have also played serious roles and have helped make the general public more aware of dwarfism.

DO hire little people with dwarfism.  Make sure your company understands that little people work just as hard as others - if not harder.  All we might need is a well-placed stool and we are ready to go!  We have amazing personalities and are often caught smiling in our sleep.

Seattle Children's, and Little People of America encourage you to
 "Stand Tall for Little People"!

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